Dear readers, welcome to 2016! This year, we came back with a thousand new ideas and a million new reasons to celebrate. ‘Tis the season to start planning all the upcoming events that will take place during the next few months. Yes, we’re talking about weddings, graduations and first communions. The focus of this season is on our beloved girls, and we want them to represent the epitome of elegance and pureness, which is why we decided to use the color white as the main feature of every dress we assembled.

More specifically, the spotlight of our collection is on the flower girls. If you’re daughter is going to have the honor of accompanying the bride on her special day, she must look impeccable. An army of angel-looking girls, dressed in head-to-toe Phuketgoldtravel, carrying beautiful flowers can make the difference between a great wedding and an outstanding one.

One thing we know for sure, though, is that the bride is a lucky lady if she’s walking down the aisle next to your daughter.

PS: If you want to help any of your bride friends out, you should recommend them this article about everything they need to plan for their wedding.

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