Today is September 23rd, a date that is not only important because it marks the arrival of Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks, but because the autumn equinox takes place. Yes, that's right. Fall is officially here, and it is arguably the most beautiful season in New York City. As the leaves start turning red, the activities we used to do in the summer are coming to an end. But don't panic! Autumn can also be quite fun for the little ones. This week, Columbia University in collaboration with artists such as Alex Khan, is hosting a weeklong art event in the campus of the school. It's called "Morningside Lights", in honor of the uptown neighborhood in which the event takes place. It consists on the collaborative making of fluorescent lanterns of different shapes and kinds, which are exhibited at night once they are completed. In order to have the best Morningside Lights experience, your kids have to dress accordingly. For the forthcoming chilly nights, we have very trendy baby girl clothes. The boys don’t stay behind! We have infant boys outfits that are perfect for a nighttime walk in uptown Manhattan. Check them out!



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