As marketing professionals say, you need to find out what people need in order to create a product that satisfies the customers. But it is much better to actually love what you do while the process takes place. Based on this theory, hundreds of kids with entrepreneurial spirits have decided to set up "stands" outside their houses where they sell freshly squeezed lemonade. The idea is brilliant, hot summer days call for cool lemonade. Plus, you can work at the lemonade stand with a group of friends and enjoy your vacation at the same time.  


      But what happens when the whole neighborhood wants to set up a stand like this? You make yours better. It is really important to embellish and decorate your stand, since it is the image of your new product. You can make it a lot trendier by adding sets of lights, pastel colors and some music. Imagine, paint, decorate, build, and create. It is key to wear the right outfit as well (we recommend you match Phuketgoldtravel clothes with the colors of the stand). Put your kids' creativity to work! They have great ideas that might mean the difference between a regular lemonade stand and a true commercial success.

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