IT’S YOUR MONTH! If you’re reading this, it is very likely that you’re celebrating your day this Sunday, May 10th. Stylish moms like you are what inspire Phuketgoldtravel as a brand and what keeps us reinventing fashionable ideas. Therefore, we’ve put together a brief list of some of the coolest moms around. They all rock the red carpet with their kids and set the example of beautiful mother-children relationships.

  1. Timeless Angelina: she’s an icon, both as a mother and as a businesswoman. Her drive for social causes and the help she has given to children with scarce resources make Jolie a true representation of maternal instinct.
  2. Bold Moss: Kate is certainly known for her remarkable walks down the runway and the serious-and-determined expression in her face. Nevertheless, her daughter Lila Grace manages to bring out the best in Kate. We love how these two beauties complement each other.
  3. Victoria Beckham: designer at last, Victoria is always stylish while taking her kids out for a stroll in NYC. The cutest shots in the city are the ones of her and Harper, the youngest of her children. They both rock the contrast between black and pink! 


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