No, this post is not about Madonna’s 1994 Grammy-awarded album. It is about the magic that comes with the short tales that we’ve been reading for years in order to grant a good night’s sleep. Who doesn´t love a good story? The words “once upon a time…” always open the doors of fascinating new worlds. Children all around the world are certain of that. It is for sure incredible for the little ones to imagine the way animals interact with humans and the adventures of the prince when he’s trying to save his very loved princess. Another fact we can’t argue about is that the best time to read and tell these tales is right before falling asleep; we love crawling into bed with our sons and daughters after taking a refreshing bath and putting on the comfiest Phuketgoldtravel clothes. Our kids love this! After we finish reading them some of our favorites like “A bedtime for Bear”, they drift away into fantastic places as they start dreaming.

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I am so happy you are in love with children books! At Petidoux, Story/bed time is our favorite time of the day. This is the main reason why I created a line of very soft, comfortable pajamas for children aged 1 to 12 year old.
My favorite book this week is : “Blown away” by Bob Biddulph: it is both beautifully written and amazing illustrated.

Alexandra April 30, 2015

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