Since its creation, ChildrenChic has strived to maintain its status as one of the leading brands in children fashion. Childrenchic.com offers curated outfits that come out every week to present you with the easiest way of having children that are as classy as you. Every day, we work hard to bring the newest trends alongside the most timeless pieces that characterize the taste of our customers. Our team is dedicated to handcrafting every single piece with deep care and commitment, paying special attention to detail. One of the most important aspects about our company is the import of clothing from France, which brings a new perspective of fashion in the United States. All of this is the result of our quest for high end products, made in France, to reach an emerging market that is full of opportunities (and sophisticated moms with very high standards). To show you the way we do this, we have put together a series of videos that show a typical day at one of our ateliers in France. Enjoy!

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