Art is everywhere. Some of us find art in dance, in writing or even in fashion. Today, we’re going to show you a not-so-typical form of art that has been rising since the decade of the 80s and that promises a whole world of opportunities: vertical gardens. The idea of arranging certain kinds of plants and flowers and then attaching them to a wall doesn’t seem that difficult to put into practice, but it is certainly an art to find the exact herb that matches the glowing orchids or the right shade of green that accompanies the bright yellow of a sunflower. (Seems like combining the seasonal colors to create a dress, right?) But in addition to that, it is indeed a challenge to make the watering system work and to craft a fertile soil. Vertical gardens perfectly make the concepts of biology, engineering and design come together, creating masterpieces. Following the steps of the people of Babylon and the creation of the Hanging Gardens, several designers, gardeners and architects have perfected the art of making walls that come alive and give birth to truly mesmerizing environments. Patrick Blanc is one of the pioneers of modern vertical garden design, and his creations have traveled all the way from Juvia restaurant in Miami to Palm Jumeirah in Dubai. Europe isn’t staying behind, the green wall of the Pershing Hall Hotel in Paris has become an icon. Similarly, Barcelona is home to a hidden garden, which includes a series of offices and studios, but is also open to the public for lunch. Nevertheless, it is also quite common to see vertical gardens in small-scale forms, they can be placed anywhere inside a house as decoration. The world is thirsty for new trends, new ideas and innovation. At ChildrenChic, we want to bring them to you. Shop our greenest looks and floral pieces with just a click at

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